That’s Interesting – June

Google revamp their I/O Developers Conference, TED's outrageous goodie bags, ASICS experiential run and some good news for event professionals. All this and much more in June's edition of That's Interesting. Attract with content. Keep with experience.   (3min read) Nicely articulated call to start your event planning with a clear idea of the type of… Continue reading That’s Interesting – June


That’s Interesting – March

Sophisticated chatbots, synchronised robotic screens, presentation tips and 3D chocolate lollipop heads! All this and much more in the March edition of That's Interesting. Incredible synchronised robot screens   (2min watch) If it's spectacle you're after this is hard to beat. SXSW chatbot takes event apps to next level   (2min read) A powerful example of… Continue reading That’s Interesting – March

Interesting Breakfast – The Write Up

The commitment we made to the audience at Friday's breakfast was not simply to be interesting but to be useful. To share tangible ideas and innovations that they could use in their events. We chose five topics, introduced them with speed presentations and then had time for people to get hands-on and explore further. The… Continue reading Interesting Breakfast – The Write Up

That’s Interesting – February

L'Oreal use snap spectacles at the Golden Globes, our learnings from Comic-Con, Edible Bubble volcanoes and more, in our February edition of That's Interesting. Why are we here? When can we leave? (1min read) Two questions to start every meeting and workshop. L'Oreal livestream from Golden Globes using Snap Spectacles (30sec watch) Snapchat's Spectacles have gone on… Continue reading That’s Interesting – February

The Death of Distance

A hybrid solution to communicating with a distributed workforce Multi-location hybrid events have been around for a few years, but haven’t yet achieved a mass uptake. Some recent high profile examples suggest this is changing, that the benefits are becoming clearer to corporate communication teams. One reason for the slow uptake of hybrid events has… Continue reading The Death of Distance

That’s Interesting – January

TED go hybrid, Yondr create a phone free event space and BizBash preview the tech trends of 2017. All this, and much more, in our first 'That's Interesting' of 2017. Still the Greatest Live Demo   (80min watch) It's ten years since the first iPhone. Check out Steve Jobs' masterful launch presentation, in front of… Continue reading That’s Interesting – January

New Year’s Resolutions

There’s no better way to make a resolution stick than to declare it in public. Here some of the team share their event ambitions for 2017. We’ll check back in with them in December... Katie One of my resolutions is to attend a morning rave - when I moved to London 3 years ago I… Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions