That’s Interesting – October

This month we share great thoughts on where B2B events are heading, an inflatable way to divide your event space and how message mapping can help you stick to your objectives. All this and much more in this month's edition of Interesting. Most interesting Six insightful thoughts on where B2B events are heading  (3min read) With… Continue reading That’s Interesting – October


Five Things We’ve Learnt Recently

It's been a busy few months of events. Here's a quick taster of some of the things we've learnt along the way. Play is the perfect antidote for technophobes Digital transformation is a term that pops up in lots of briefs. Events are seen as a great opportunity to get hands-on with new technology. For… Continue reading Five Things We’ve Learnt Recently

That’s Interesting – September

Gesture control presentations, text messaging chat bots, a digital forest, a floating event space and much more in September's edition of Interesting. Short Story Dispenser An idea full of surprise and charm, the Short Edition plinth prints short stories for people to read. Lots of interesting ways this could be built into a wider event experience.… Continue reading That’s Interesting – September

That’s Interesting – July

What e-sports means for events, interactive storytelling, a handy venue search tool and much more in July's edition of That's Interesting. Beautiful interactive display. (2min explore) Wonderful exhibition animation that uses conductive ink to tell stories Reinventing the way stories are told. (5min explore) As you’d expect The Future of Storytelling conference is chock full… Continue reading That’s Interesting – July

That’s Interesting – June

Google revamp their I/O Developers Conference, TED's outrageous goodie bags, ASICS experiential run and some good news for event professionals. All this and much more in June's edition of That's Interesting. Attract with content. Keep with experience.   (3min read) Nicely articulated call to start your event planning with a clear idea of the type of… Continue reading That’s Interesting – June

That’s Interesting – March

Sophisticated chatbots, synchronised robotic screens, presentation tips and 3D chocolate lollipop heads! All this and much more in the March edition of That's Interesting. Incredible synchronised robot screens   (2min watch) If it's spectacle you're after this is hard to beat. SXSW chatbot takes event apps to next level   (2min read) A powerful example of… Continue reading That’s Interesting – March

Interesting Breakfast – The Write Up

The commitment we made to the audience at Friday's breakfast was not simply to be interesting but to be useful. To share tangible ideas and innovations that they could use in their events. We chose five topics, introduced them with speed presentations and then had time for people to get hands-on and explore further. The… Continue reading Interesting Breakfast – The Write Up